About Me


I am Dima Kashtalyan. I live and work in Minsk, Belarus.

My passion for painting started with font graffiti. As time went on, I became interested in characters and full-fledged design. I started to try different techniques. Today, I paint on the walls, paper, canvas, create computer graphics, but anyway I prefer real painting. Now I am mostly focused on black-and-white detailed ink drawing and graffiti. At some point, I understood that, as an author, I am responsible for the meaning and the quality of my artworks that many people see. Since then I am trying to improve from work to work and put a positive message into each of them. I wish my art to make our world better. I want people to look around and think.


Upfest street art festival, 2018, Bristol, UK
Fomenar Prize, Jury prize, 2017, Barcelona (Spain)
Salon d’automne with Belgazprombank, 2017, Minsk (Belarus)
I’m Monet, I’m Shishkin, I’m Malevich, Minsk (Belarus), 2017
Concorso per illustratori Tapirulan | XII edizione, Cremona (Italy), 2016
Point, line, spot, Minsk (Belarus), 2015
Artdiario, Rome (Italy), 2015
DOSKИ & KPASKИ, Saint Petersburg (Russia), 2014