Dima Kashtalyan, an international artist, illustrator, and street artist, is captivated by the intricate beauty within every dot, point, and stroke. At 36, residing and creating in Warsaw, Poland, Dima channels creative energy into original and detailed artwork.

His style fuses dotwork, pointillism, and stippling techniques, breathing life into black-and-white and color graphics, street art, and illustrations. With over 20 years’ painting experience, his journey started with classic graffiti, evolving into an artistic expression founded on honesty, responsibility, and deep belief in the significance of creative work.

Each creation reflects his inner world, embodying emotions, principles, and beliefs, addressing contemporary issues through familiar yet unconventional objects imbued with symbolic meanings. Dima meticulously contemplates ideas, messages, and techniques before each endeavor, aiming for an impact that transcends boundaries and fosters introspection.

He constantly pushes artistic boundaries, seeking growth with every piece. His work has graced exhibitions globally, from Art Hsinchu in Taiwan to BSF in Australia, Waterford Walls in Ireland to Secretly at the Savitsky Gallery in Belarus. Dima’s art traverses borders, sparking conversations and emotions, connecting with diverse audiences, and contributing to the evolving art scene.

Represented by IllustrationZone Agency (as an illustrator) and Ting Ting Art Space (as an artist in the Asian region), Dima has collaborated with Lavazza, Harper’s Magazine, AFAR Media, and others. Notably, the solo exhibition “Echoes of Turmoil” at HotAsFoc gallery, Barcelona, Spain, showcased Dima’s evocative artistry in 2023.

Artist Statement

Art is a vessel—a bridge that traverses emotions, ideologies, and societal narratives. My art, a convergence of dotwork, pointillism, and stippling, aims to capture the subtle complexities woven into our existence. I channel intricate details into each piece, an amalgamation of strokes and dots that transcend the canvas, inviting viewers into a world where familiarity intertwines with the unexpected.

Honesty and responsibility are the pillars of my creative ethos. I believe art should reflect inner truths, serving as a mirror to emotions, principles, and societal dialogues. This belief fuels my resolve to tread uncharted paths, to infuse mundane objects with new forms, resonating with symbolism that beckons contemplation.

Before each artistic endeavor, I immerse myself in contemplation, meticulously weighing the idea’s essence, the narrative’s resonance, and the artistic techniques’ potential. Through this process, I seek to instigate discourse, to stir emotions, and to provoke introspection.

My work navigates through universal themes, challenging conventions while retaining an inherent connection to human experiences. I draw from the mundane, infusing it with unconventional forms and depths, encouraging viewers to explore beyond the surface.

The journey through my creations is an invitation—a call to delve into personal reflections, to decipher layers of symbolism, and to question established perspectives. Large formats and meticulous detailing characterize my pieces, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the intricacies and appreciate the dedication woven into each composition.

I aspire not just to create but to transcend, surpassing previous achievements with every stroke. Each artwork embodies an evolution—an exploration that transcends boundaries, both artistic and perceptual. With each creation, I seek not only to evoke emotions but to provoke a profound dialogue, urging viewers to see the world through an altered lens, fostering a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.


Represented as an illustrator by IllustrationZone Agency

Represented as an artist in the Asian region by Ting Ting Art Space



Harper’s Magazine

AFAR Media

Entertainment Weekly

Vista Jet

Reichl und Partner Werbeagentur GmbH

Gamma Strategies


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The list of projects and exhibitions

(organized chronologically):

Solo Exhibition:

“Echoes of Turmoil” | HotAsFoc gallery, Barcelona, Spain, 2023

Exhibitions and Festivals:

Royal Watercolour Society Open 2024 | Bankside Gallery, London, the UK, 2024

Superordinary G01E01 | Brisbane, Australia, 2023

Art Thaichung | Thaichung, Taiwan, 2023

The Seoul Illustration Fair V.15 | Seoul, South Korea, 2023

Artown Festival | Ploiesti, Romania, 2023

Art Hsinchu | Hsinchu, Taiwan, 2023

WHATZ | Taipei, Taiwan, 2023

BSF | Brisbane, Australia, 2023

Charity Auction for Refugees from Ukraine and Belarus | Piekna Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, 2023

WOWxWOW | Online exhibition, 2023

Waterford Walls | Waterford, Ireland, 2022

Art Market | Budapest, Hungary, 2021

LUSTR, illustration festival | Prague, Czech Republic, 2021

Secretly, Savitsky gallery | Minsk, Belarus, 2020

Das Ministerium Exhibition | Berlin, Germany, 2019

THIS IS NOT A ZOO | Tenerife, Spain, 2019

Art in Haut Bugey | Oyonnax, France, 2019

TOWARD 2030 | Torino, Italy, 2019

Hit and Run | Ljusdal, Sweden, 2019

Upfest 2018 | Bristol, the UK, 2018

Fomenar Prize 2017 | Barcelona, Spain, 2017 (jury prize)

Société du Salon d’automne | Minsk, Belarus, 2017

Concorso Tapirulan, XII edizione | Cremona, Italy, 2016

Urban Myths street art festival | Minsk, Belarus, 2016

Artdiario | Rome, Italy, 2015

Dima and his triptych

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