Date After a Long Separation

Brisbane, Australia. 2023

Way Home

Acrylic, spray on a wall. Ireland. 2022

The Monkey In A China Shop

Mural. Minsk 2021


Mural. Saint Petersburg 2021

There Used To Be Trees

Mural. Saint Petersburg 2021

Bread and Circuses

Original size: 6,6 x 3 m. Materials: acryl. 2019

Born To Crown

Original size: 2,5 x 1,8 m. 2019

Industry, Innovation, Infrastructure. Toward 2030. Turin.

Original size: 15 x 7 m.  2019

No Name

Original size: 5,1 x 9,3 m. Location Vienna, Austria

Devolution Theory

Original size: 6000 x 3000 mm. Acrylic, spray on the wall. 2017

Time To Selfie

Acrylic, spray on the wall. 2017