A Vase of Wishes

A vase is a piece of art, something important and valuable. Also a vase is very fragile and must be handled very carefully. For me, in this case, a vase is a place where my most secret desires and dreams are stored, to which I have been going all my life.

Life in every way tests the strength of me and my desires. But in spite of everything, I defend my right to move towards them, to follow my own path step by step, forging myself and my dream. I constantly fill my vase, which makes it more valuable and gives me more strength to go on.

I think that each of you has such secret vases that you protect with all your might and strive to achieve. It is not easy to keep them and fill them. But the knowledge that they exist and you can touch them makes the most cloudy day bright and filled with meaning.

Original size: 50 x 70 cm. Materials: ink, paper.