Beet Kingdom

The artwork undoubtedly portrays the theme of dictatorship, depicting the pursuit of unlimited power at the expense of freedom and dissent. This piece was created in 2019 when I resided in a country where all authority was concentrated in the hands of just one individual and his gang, resembling a “potato-fuhrer” rather than a mere beet. Regrettably, this potato-fuhrer is not alone; he has a brother, a bunker vegetable from a neighboring country, whose comparison with vegetables is difficult to find.

The sole purpose of these individuals is to assert themselves as the most important and significant vegetables for as long as they can. They fiercely guard their garden (which they falsely claim as theirs) and never allow any thoughtful, respectable rivals into their field of vision. Any competitors are swiftly eliminated through any means possible. Over the years, they have cultivated stupidity, subservience, and vile abominations in the minds of the people, ensuring that no one recognizes the rot within the beet. Even if someone does notice, they are too afraid to speak out.

This unremovable and unpunished authority results in catastrophic consequences. The bunker vegetable, with the support of the potato-fuhrer and the silent consent of tens of millions of vegetables, is ravaging a beautiful neighboring country. The sole reason for this destruction is that Ukrainians come from a different background and aspire to forge their own path. They cherish the air of freedom and refuse to relinquish it, standing resolute in their pursuit of a different destiny.

Original size: 1000 x 700 mm. Materials: watercolor paper, ink.