Born To Crown

This wall painting at @norrastation_streetart gallery (Yusdal, Sweden) was created especially for Hit & Run project.

The graphics is based on a well-known Russian phrase “Born to crawl cannot fly” that has already become idiomatic. We say so with some disdain about the people who are down to earth, not capable of any risky business, who are content with very little in life.

I took the liberty of reinterpreting this expression with brushes and paint and looking at the question from different sides. Luckily, the principle does not always work and different scenarios are possible. There are examples of those who were born to fly, have everything they need and even more: the best wings, beautiful appearance, successful parents, but at the same time crawling all their lives without ever trying to fly. At the same time, there are those who seem to be completely deprived and have no chance to take off, but at the same time find the courage and strength not only to try, but also to soar high in the sky!

Original size: 2,5 x 1,8 m.