Devil and Temperance

I dedicate this diptych to all the amazing Belarusians who challenged the vile system and will not back down!

The devil is the long years of fear and humiliation.
It is the comfort zone that is so scary to lose, tiny but so familiar.
It is despair and complete lack of will.
It is a soldier in house slippers who is glued to the sofa, clung to the fragments of their past and does not even try to take a step towards light and self-respect.
A warrior who has become mediocre, just an existing corpse.
This is the one waiting for others to solve their problems – and then they will finally begin to live.

Temperance is a person who has realized themselves as a Person, who respects themselves. It is the one able to overcome inner fear, habits, and doubts.
A person who managed to get out of the comfort zone even under the threat of brutal reprisal.

These people got up from the armchairs, climbed the stairs of freedom and boldly declare that they are still alive and full of energy.

Original size: 325 x 510 mm, 310 x 470 mm. Materials: paper, acryl.