Devolution Theory

Darwin’s theory is well known. It is not proved and it causes many arguments. The theory was created long time ago, and humankind has changed a lot since then. Technology shot up, but we did not put it to good use. To my mind, there is almost no evolution, no growth in terms of personal development, moral values and relationship either locally or globally. It is reasonable to think over whether we go around in a circle, whether we degrade or not. Don’t we travel the path that is opposite to the Darwin’s one? Yes, it is unlikely that visually a human being will turn into a primate. But in terms of behavior, treatment of the others, and intellect (much more developed than the primate’s one) employment, humankind I dare say loses. It is easy to become an ape that is not able to read but claims to be a professor of literature; on the other hand, it is not an easy task to make it on to an individual.

Original size: 6000 x 3000 mm. Acrylic, spray on the wall.


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