Extra Effort

I think many people heard that to grow and get results in any field, to become successful, one needs to constantly make extra efforts. Sounds easy: get out of your comfort zone, work on yourself, and the result will not keep you waiting. Is it really so? I personally can say that it is extremely difficult, but interesting. However, when you systematically live in such a rhythm, it becomes easier. What seemed impossible yesterday, today becomes the norm of life. Yes, everyone is in different situation, in different mental and physical condition and, accordingly, the boundary behind which the extra effort begins is different, but all humans can do more than they do and become better than they are. It is important to realize this, and the most important is to act. One more essential factor on the way out of the comfort zone is luck. You can even win the jackpot in the lottery, and to achieve the goal will be much easier. Nevertheless, to win, you also need to make an effort: get off the couch and buy a lottery ticket.

Original size: 900 x 600 mm. Ink, isograph, paper.


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