Extracurricular Reading

«Extracurricular reading» speaks for itself.
The title and theme fit with the «Self Development» series of graphic works on which I am currently creating.

This is a series of works where I reflect on the importance of personal development and self-improvement. I think this is a defining moment in the evolution and development of our civilization. «Extracurricular reading» is one of the important elements of self-development.

I will not talk a lot and describe what the author wanted to say. I’ll leave it to you, my dear friends. I will only add that several bird-like characters got into the plot, which at this creative stage are constant companions of many of my works.

With my works I want to remind myself and all other bird-like people what are wings and what they are intended for.

Private collection.

Original size: 1300 x 1600 mm. Materials: ink, acrylic, canvas.