Fragile World

Dear friends, I am from Belarus, where terrible, tragic events are taking place right now.

Our country is held hostage by the military dictatorship! Defenseless people are being brutally beaten up by the police and Special Forces in broad daylight. There is a huge number of injured, traumatized, and hospitalized people. Light-noise grenades, rubber bullets, special equipment, batons are used against civilians, including women and children. Within a few days, thousands of people were grabbed for no reason and thrown into prison where they are kept in inhuman conditions, beaten up, almost not fed or given water, several people were killed.

The citizens of Belarus simply express their opinion and demand fair elections in accordance with the Constitution. In all cities of the country, thousands of people spontaneously go to protests and get severely punished by the authorities.

I also take part in peaceful solidarity actions with my family. During the day, I stand on the street with flowers in my hands together with wonderful, courageous people, and in the evening, I am engaged in art.

Original size: 520 x 700 mm. Materials: ink, watercolor paper, Photoshop.