Freedom Of Speech

In my opinion in modern society, there is a problem of the freedom of expression, independent view of life, openness to useful criticism and simply understanding of what being a person means. For some reason it is not normal any more to have your own opinion and even if there is one, few people are brave enough to be outspoken. However, popular thinking is not always right; it might be faked or articulated under the pressure of money, heavyweights, established companies or key countries. It plays out in different life spheres starting with small ones like for example issues with your neighbours and finishing with more extensive ones. In the majority of cases, people keep silent or accept the most popular point of view. It has become extremely hard, much of an act of bravery, to express your original opinion, which is probably sound and right.

Original size: 1000 x 700 mm. Ink, isograph, paper.

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