Freedom Of Speech

In modern society, a delicate challenge looms, wherein the essence of freedom of expression, independent thought, receptiveness to constructive critique, and the profound understanding of human essence stand at a precipice. Regrettably, the notion of possessing one’s distinct perspective has undergone a transformation, and scarce are those who dare to vocalize their beliefs with unwavering boldness.

Nonetheless, the prevailing consensus cannot be unconditionally deemed correct, for it might often be shrouded in the web of deception, maneuvered by vested interests, influential entities, or even the sway of dominant nations. This intricately woven phenomenon stretches across diverse spheres of life, from the minor intricacies of neighborly relations to the grand tapestry of global affairs.

In this milieu, a disheartening majority opt to remain silent or succumb to the allure of conformity, embracing the most popular viewpoints that have saturated the collective psyche. The once simple act of expressing one’s authentic opinion has now metamorphosed into an audacious display of courage, demanding fortitude and resilience.

Yet, amid the prevailing tide of conformity, the profound wisdom of individuality awaits to be unveiled, brimming with potential and truth. It is incumbent upon each of us to navigate this daunting landscape and find the strength to express our genuine convictions, which resonate as harmonious and righteous in the symphony of existence.

Original size: 1000 x 700 mm. Ink, isograph, paper.

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