Looking for my Way

This canvas has embarked on a journey across four cities and three countries, traveling by plane, train, and truck. Its creation commenced in mid-February 2022, during a time when life in Kyiv was delightful. I interacted with wonderful people, made new friends, and formed creative and family plans with my wife. The canvas held a particular significance during this period.

However, everything changed dramatically in February, altering the direction and significance of this artwork. Circumstances forced me to leave it, along with my other works, behind, unsure if I would ever recover them. The intricate nature of my work meant wasting valuable time, a risk I couldn’t afford.

Thankfully, after a month’s pause, I resumed and completed work on this canvas.

Over the past year, my wife and I have encountered numerous challenges and faced a difficult journey. It wasn’t the path we had originally sought or planned for. As we move forward, we find ourselves starting anew, searching for fresh meanings and new directions both in our lives and within the canvas itself.

Original size: 160 x 130 cm. Materials: acrylic on linen.