Newton’s Law

This work is an second episode of the series «Self-development».

It is also my reflection and another hint of how important is to constantly work on personal development, how important is to strive to think critically, work on information, analyze and draw conclusions.
In the second episode there is an irony about how in pursuit of a quick result and unwillingness to follow a long path of gradual development people grab onto simple solutions, believe eloquent speeches and trust superficial emotions.

According to legend Newton made an important discovery at once after an apple had hit his head. Many people still have been thinking that the whole secret of his success is in the apple. And years of painstaking work, a reflection and a desire to know the truth don’t matter.

So you want to grab onto that very saving apple and, having stepped over the years of development, suddenly become smart, successful and outwit the laws of evolution.

In fact, there are massive fruitless attempts to bang your head against apples. The monkey does not become a man in any way, and humanity is marking time, repeating the same monstrous mistakes. Only now everyone can shoot on a smartphone and show how he unsurpassedly hits his head against an apple.

Artwork is in a private collection.

Original size: 1000 x 700 mm. Materials: ink, paper.