The work, of course, tells about dictatorship, unlimited power for the sake of power, the suppression of freedom and any dissent. It was drawn in 2019. I lived in a country where all power is concentrated in the hands of just one vegetable and his gang, but he is not a beet, he is a potato-fuhrer. Unfortunately, he is not alone. He has a brother by calling – bunker vegetable from a neighboring country. I could not find a suitable comparison among vegetables for him.

The whole purpose of these creatures is to be the most important, the biggest vegetable as long as it possible. At any cost, do not let anyone come into their garden (they sincerely consider it is theirs) and not even let any thinking, decent competitors into their field of vision. Competitors are eliminated by any means. For years stupidity, humility, any vile abomination have been cultivated in people, so long as no one notices that the beet has already rotted through and through. Even if they notice, they are afraid to talk about it.

As we can see, this irremovability and impunity leads to catastrophic consequences. The bunker vegetable, having enlisted the support of the potato-furher and the tacit consent of tens of millions of vegetables, is destroying a beautiful neighboring country. Only because Ukrainians are from a different background and want to go their own way. Because Ukrainians know what the air of freedom is and are not ready to give it up.

Original size: 400 x 400 mm.

Ink, isograph, paper.


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