Personality Formation

It is inevitable for every human being to go through the process of the formation of personality. The process is an essential part of human development, and its success depends largely on inborn bio-data and social environment. Everybody has different combination of those factors, and some people are luckier than the others. What matter is how to use what you have got, how much efforts to put and how effective they are. In reality, it is a very difficult task. By far not everyone manages to become a complete person, and only very few grow into men of great mark who stand out from the crowd, have their own opinion and principles and aspire to self-development and improvement of the world around. In my opinion, we all should strive to get near to such persons, try to become better than we were yesterday and not only wish, but act. 

Original size: 1000 x 700 mm. Ink, isograph, paper, Photoshop.