Press Conference

Who is the most welcome guest at a press conference, news story, interview, or television show? Of course, this is huge scandalous monkey, which will stand dirty paws on the table and will make a furious noise as much as possible. The stronger scandal and the more noise are better. It gives more views and traffic. If there is no suitable monkey on the horizon, you can even invent it or remove it from a favorable angle and slightly embellish the one that you have. Rating is a capricious thing and you need to please it with all your might. Not all mass media and media entertainment are arranged this way, but, unfortunately, the overwhelming majority.
Coincidentally, after creating this illustration, I watched the 1976 film «Network». It perfectly demonstrates how the industry works, what its priorities are, and how important the scandalous monkey is.
Original size: 500 x 500 mm. Materials: ink, paper, Photoshop.