As I embark on this artistic odyssey, I find myself drawn to the intricate tapestry of self-development—a journey influenced by both external circumstances and personal choices. This series of graphic works is an exploration of the ceaseless evolution of the self, from the earliest moments of existence to the present day.

Our lives are initially shaped by external forces—our upbringing, cultural background, and the societal norms that surround us. These factors lay the groundwork for our identity, forming the backdrop against which our journey unfolds. However, as we traverse the complexities of life, we realize that our own reactions and responses hold equal weight in shaping our destiny.

The path of self-development is not a linear one; rather, it is a continuous ebb and flow of growth and regression. Each experience presents an opportunity for learning and transformation, yet there are moments when progress seems elusive, and we find ourselves grappling with inner monkeys—our vices, weaknesses, and contradictions.

In this series, I aim to capture the essence of my personal journey—a mosaic of triumphs and tribulations, setbacks and strides. Through my art, I confront the challenges that have tested my resilience and celebrate the moments of breakthrough that have propelled me forward.

Yet, amidst the struggles and victories, I am reminded that personal growth is a lifelong commitment—a journey that demands unwavering dedication and introspection. It is a journey that requires us to embrace change and to confront the discomfort of self-discovery, knowing that it is through this process that we truly come to understand ourselves.

Through these works, I hope to inspire others to embark on their own journey of self-discovery—to confront their inner monkeys and embrace the transformative power of personal evolution. For it is in the pursuit of self-mastery that we find fulfillment and meaning, and it is through our continual growth that we unlock the boundless potential within.


Original size: 1000 x 700 mm. Materials: ink, paper.