The Customs Man Has Cleared It

My new graphics is again devoted to the topic of importance and inevitable finiteness of time. Being born, we start our time on the only path leading to the finish. The time, like a snail, slowly but surely crawls to the abyss. At times, the movement seems to stop or it is almost not visible, but the process is ongoing. According to experienced people, with age, the snails speed up and break into a trot — they strive to finish. Then it becomes clear that each of us has a limited number of snails and they will not crawl backwards. In my opinion, it is important to use your time in a sensible way so that when you reach the finish line, you do not regret the wasted years and something you could have done. It is better to think about it while time is still crawling like a snail, because nobody knows whether there will be new starts or in the end, there is just a black abyss.

Original size: 1000 x 700 mm. Ink, isograph, paper, Photoshop.