Toward 2030 SDG15

I created this original artwork specially for international art contest that organized by @toward.2030.

I chose #SDG15 Life on land: protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss for my illustration.

The main goal of my illustration is to show the importance of preserving the existing terrestrial ecosystem and restoring what was destroyed as a result of human activities and natural disasters.

It is very important for the future of our planet, our life and the lives of our descendants on it.
In my opinion, it is important to think not only about how we live now, but also about what we will leave as a legacy to future generations.

First of all, it is worth preserving what we have.
I express this through a large greenhouse, which is combined with a safe and embodies the process of preserving natural wealth throughout the Earth.
The safe is a symbol of reliability and safety.

In my illustration you can notice a lot of small people.
Some of them keep a greenhouse, some plant new plants and some work in the direction of land recreation and restoration of forests.
I portrayed people as small, to show that man is only a small part of the whole diversity of life on Earth.

I wanted to show that the planet in our hands and only by combining the efforts of people from all over the world can we preserve those ecosystems, forests and fertile lands that exist now and restore those that are in decline.

I believe that only together we can save and transform our planet, our common home, into a magical flowering world in which we and our descendants can live in peace, mutual respect and happiness.

I note that I deliberately didn’t use negative images to demonstrate problems.
I used only bright colors and everything that is painted is aimed at creation and faith in good. I believe that positive images, even to highlight problems, work better to shape the future.

Original size: 800 x 600 mm. Materials: paper, ink and Photoshop coloring.