Way Home

Feeling at home is a complex combination of many factors, places, people, experiences. This feeling in our heart is like a compass, like a lighthouse for a sailor.
All our lives we form this feeling, we cut it like a precious stone. We protect it with all our might. But it also warms us in response, gives us the strength to move on.
Whatever losses and trials happened on our way home, we still remember, we still want to return home for at least five minutes, we still want to hug relatives and friends with whom we are forced to part. We want to see that same sunset and hear the rustle of the wind, so familiar from childhood.
It happens, unfortunately, that there is absolutely nowhere to return and there is also no one else to hug. All that remains is a heart-warming feeling of home and an endless road on the way to a new one.
Friends, I wish everyone to quickly go their way home, overcome the forced separation from those who are your home, breathe in the free native air!
The artwork was created in Cheekpoint, Ireland during Waterford Walls