The title of this piece signifies the inception of a new era of creativity. I made a conscious decision to embrace greater freedom in my artistic expression, infusing my work with vibrant colors and lively forms.

This transformation commenced when I moved to Kyiv, a city exuding an unmistakable atmosphere of liberation. I could feel this sense of freedom without any special instruments; it was a vivid contrast to the stifling environment of the Belarusian dictatorship. The change was invigorating, breathing new life and energy into my creative endeavors.

“Welcome” also encapsulates the warm reception I received from the city’s inhabitants and the Art community. Their acceptance made me feel entirely at home, as though I belonged.

In contrast to the liberty I explored with forms and colors in this painting, I ventured into a more intricate drawing technique for the first time. Employing the pointillism style, I meticulously applied colored acrylic dots, but even that didn’t satisfy me. I decided to take it further by layering even smaller dots using ink, reminiscent of the techniques I use in my graphic works. The end result has been immensely gratifying, intriguing the audience as they try to decipher its intricate details, and many have likened it to a tapestry.

Original size: 800 x 900 mm. Materials: ink, acrylic, canvas.