The title of the work says of the beginning of a new creative period. The fact is that I decided to allow myself more freedom in creativity, more color, more liveliness in forms.

It started after I relocated to Kyiv, where the atmosphere of freedom is felt instantly. I felt it without special devices. It felt brighter because I moved from the Belarusian dictatorship, the heady contrast just turned my head and breathed new energy for creativity.

«Welcome» also characterizes how wonderful the city met me, how people and the Art community accepted me. There was a complete feeling that I was at home, I was welcome.

In contrast to the freedom of form and color in this painting, for the first time I tried an even more complex drawing scheme. I completed the work in the pointillism technique, full of colored acrylic dots. It seemed to me that this was not enough. Therefore, I applied a layer of even smaller dots with ink. Such as I use for graphic works. I am very pleased with the result and the audience is trying to figure out how it is drawn and people say that it resembles a tapestry.

Original size: 800 x 900 mm. Materials: ink, acrylic, canvas.