Without Masks

The main character of this painting initially aimed to “take off masks” from others, ask uncomfortable questions, and engage in discussions with the audience.

The process of creating the canvas dragged on significantly, encountering many difficulties, and the plot stubbornly refused to come together harmoniously. It was one of the most challenging studio works for me. It exhausted me. It was the first time I abandoned a painting midway through and thought I wouldn’t even finish it. As I neared completion, I finally realized that “masks don’t come off,” the plot wasn’t working, there would be no dialogue.

After another pause, I decided to give the work another chance. I completely painted over part of the canvas, developed a new composition. Of course, I abandoned the original concept and message. But still, I completed the work. It’s one of my rules in creativity – to finish what I started and do it as qualitatively as possible.

After a short break following the completion of the canvas, I looked at it with fresh eyes and made an important discovery for myself. This most challenging canvas for me turned out to be very accurate, with a meaningful and symbolic plot. The path to this result was convoluted, but it was worth it. It turns out I accurately reflected my state, my personal revelations, and internal changes at that stage. I note that this was an important period in my life, a reevaluation of who I really am and also what and how I draw.

In the end, I shed my “masks.” I spoke to myself as sincerely as possible, honestly admitted mistakes and certain weaknesses, reevaluated my life and creative path. I thought about not finishing or even painting over this canvas, but in the end, it turned into a sincere reflection of myself at the end of 2023.

Original size: 100 x 120 cm.

Materials: acrylic, ink, linen canvas.