Following The Dream

What can be better than a big and bright dream? Only a long fascinating path to it and achieving what you want or at least understanding that you have passed most of it and done everything you could. The larger and more complex the dream, the longer and more difficult the path. At the same time, the stronger the temptation to stop following the dream without even trying, to concentrate on something more tangible that requires less effort while the probability to fail is lower. Having given up on your dream, you can turn into a bird-headed reptile – a bird that itself has given up its wings and will never fly again. You can get bogged down in everyday life and go with the flow joining a group of tourists, tourists in their own lives. The real journey starts in the opposite direction, where the comfort zone ends and the unknown begins. During such a trip for a genuine dream, wings spread, trembling legs get filled with strength, with such an attitude to life, any peaks can be conquered.
Original size: 1000 x 700 mm. Materials: ink, paper.
The artwork is in a private collection.