The Illusion of Balance in Belarusian Interior

Dedicated to all brave and decent Belarusians, to all who think, respect themselves and strive for the best.

This artwork I started even before the rigged presidential elections in Belarus. I felt serious changes in the Belarusian society and wanted to reflect these feelings in my work. people began to understand what country they really live in, they realized that it is time to respect themselves and take responsibility for their lives and the world around them into their own hands.

People finally realized that no one else could solve their problems. When I started to paint this canvas, I didn’t know about all the events that took place after the elections and that incredible, unprecedented reaction of Belarusians.

When I finished drawing, I learned a lot about all of us, more good than I imagined.

Original size: 600 x 800 mm. Materials: acrylic on linen.

It is in a private collection.