True Leopard’s Way

Friends, do not be scared of the cat grin. It was painted not for this. The leopard only shows that he can stand up for himself and he is ready to fight back stupidity and ignorance that multiply rapidly in the information era. I do not want to offend anyone, but in my opinion, to some extent, these qualities are inherent in all or almost all cats. Of course in me as well. The problem is that the average level of their manifestation is quite high and it is gradually becoming the norm. Some even openly admit their ignorance without being ashamed.

Of course, first it is necessary to look closely at yourself, honestly estimate your level and work on it. At the same time, self-development process must be continuous, because the result does not stay forever. In addition, whenever it is necessary, one should show its teeth on the path of ignorance and stupidity. I am convinced that we should be tough with everything that embodies these qualities. Otherwise, all leopards will die since mediocrity breeds and fills the world rapidly like mold.

Original size: 1000 х 700 mm. Paper, ink, isograph, Photoshop.