Information Comfort Zone

Stable comfort. A simple and understandable picture of the world. An affordable entertainment. An understandable «Western-enemy». What could be better?

It might be better to have free choice, the ability to have different opinions, access to information and the desire to think critically.

It takes time and constant effort on yourself. In order to be human and not get lost in the surrounding reality you need to constantly pull yourself out of the flow of propaganda and distorted information, work on yourself.

Unfortunately, it’s much easier to close yourself in your rickety kennel, turn on the TV and absorb the picture of the world from the lips of such a native TV presenter, politician or blogger. It is for shielding yourself from the «enemy» world and for statement that someone else’s is fault of your roof’s leaking and that your children have nothing to eat while you are lazily changing channels.

All that is for reinforcing your simple and familiar picture of the world, for proving yourself that in fact your compatriots and your sons are not bombing peaceful cities, they are not killing free people and their children, but the Nazis, who were nurtured by the «West» in order to capture your rickety, rotten kennel – the last thing you have left.

This is the truth and only this! After all, the news anchor is a decent person and always tells the truth. And if doubt crept in, it will be better to be silent and sit quietly chewing sweet popcorn.
After all, this is how they were taught: to be submissive and not to ask questions.

Original size: 600 x 710 mm. Materials: ink, paper.