The Monkey In A China Shop

The mural was created in Minsk, Belarus.
The work is based on Nietzsche’s words :
«Man is a rope, tied between beast and overman — a rope over an abyss.»
All people are born like empty vessels, innocent vases, beautiful cups and graceful goblets. We all end up in the same china shop and strive to create, learn the world and develop. But everyone has different conditions, different amounts of love received and different paths traveled. All are united by one thing: identical rope stretches from each to the animal. Depending on the filling of the vessels, on the work done on itself, this monkey can be hidden deep or it can look out from under the mask. It is important to remember this and not follow its lead. Otherwise, the monkey can get stronger and breaks the last thread with reason, humanity and kindness. Once in the shop, the monkey will follow the basest animal instincts.